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I want to be like Jared from The Pretender.

Then I could try all the things I am interested in without having to make a commitment.

I could be a spy, a heart surgeon, a fighter pilot, a writer, a professor, a spy, a diplomatic courier, a lawyer, a philosopher, a spy...anything at all...

I miss that show...even though just thinking about it makes me insanely jealous.

That's really the only downside to television, it makes you feel bad about you own little life...

That sounds like MacGyver in a suit.

Cessair, you could become the female MacGyver in a suit. Like a post-modern urban Wonder Woman.

Think of the outfits.

You've opened up a whole new realm of possibilities...all of which will be explored at length within my own mind tomorrow when I am supposed to be working...

Except as much as I enjoyed MacGyver as a kid, I couldn't make it though a whole episode when I tried to watch it a few months ago...so I won't try again, I prefer to think of him as he once was..

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