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“Thinking he knows can be a trap. An ex-professor once told him he had a diamond hard intellect and he’d been flattered at the time. Now he considers the nature of diamonds. Although sharp and glittering and useful for cutting glass, they shine with reflected light only. They’re no use at all in the dark.”
(Margaret Atwood-The Blind Assassin)

I worry about that sometimes…that I’m not really as smart as people think I am. For all the test scores and trivia knowledge, have I ever had a truly original thought? I love books of quotations, is this not a sign of mental weakness? I can’t think for myself so I seek the wisdom of others?

So much of my personality is bound up in being, “the smart one”. It was only later in life that I gained enough confidence in myself as a person to ever be called the pretty one. I remember the first time someone treated me like a bimbo and told me not to worry my pretty little head about it. I was flattered.

Am I really intelligent or am I just a good mimic?

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