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I am adding a new feature to my blog...

Why I Hate Dating...
(Part I)

I hate awkwardness!!!!

Most of my problems with dating stem from this simple fact; I can't even stand to watch other people in awkward situations. If something happens in a movie or tv show I turn away from the screen with a grimace.

For example, take any romantic movie where one person is in love with someone who is no in love with them...I cannot watch someone confess their undying love to someone...I don't care if it is supposed to be funny, I cringe and look away. And I have no idea why, I'm not a sappy or sensitive person, but awkward situations really get to me.

Lets face it, dating is generally a fairly awkward endeavor, at least in the early stages. You're always wondering what to say or do...and what the other person is going to say or do...and later replaying conversations and thinking, why on earth did I say or do that?? And I worry that spectators are watching the dates and thinking, they look awkward together, must be a new couple.

(I blame Seinfeld for that particular phobia.)

I just want to skip past the awkwardness somehow...you know those village matchmakers that apparently used to set up your whole life for you in advance? Some days that seems like a very good system...

All true for me as well, Cessair.

Dating has to be the worst way to commence a possibly romantic relationship, doesn't it?

I'm discovering that this medium - blogging and the like - is a very good way to find people of like mind. (And of finding those who aren't of like mind!)

Both of which make things much easier.

just checked out your blog...i agree! I'm a salesy chatty type. I've got the skills to make people comfortable in social situations..
But in dating, comfort is often misunderstood for lack of interest...sigh.

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