Monday, May 02, 2005

I haven't posted in ages but I thought I would say something about the upcoming British elections. Mostly I just don't want to study for tomorrow's International Political Economy exam. Only 4 more exams until I join the ranks of college graduates.

Back to the election. I really want the Tories to win. I wouldn't want them governing my country but I think they are the best option these people have right now. And of course I think they have the best advertising campaign. For the most part, it has a cohesive theme and a cathy slogan: Are you thinking what we're thinking?

By contrast the Labour billboards have only one unifying characteristic, they are mean. And not in an entertaining manner either. You can see a range of the billboards from all the parties here.

Also, I think its wierd that paid tv adverts are illegal. Instead, they have to put up entirely too many billboards on every high street in London and force everyone on the godforsaken island to watch their election broadcasts every night thus delaying other more important but still dreadful tv programming on the five basic channels. Isn't enough that they own the BBC?