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With the upcoming general election here in the UK, abortion is apparently entering into the rhetoric for the first time in anyone's memory. I've addressed this topic before but the Times has a new article on their homepage about the Catholic Church withdrawing its traditional support for the Labour party.

I don't like the title of the article:

Cardinal tells Catholics to reject Labour over abortion.

Mostly because it shows the newspaper's feelings about the Church getting involved. Let me be clear, the Church should not "tell" people who to vote for and I don't think it really is in this instance. They are just reinforcing the Church's position on the issue of abortion and reminding Britons that just becauses its legal and uncontroversial here, it is not moral.

The gist of the article can be summed up in the following excerpts:

Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor said that the renewed emphasis on anti-abortion could mean a break from the Church’s traditionally perceived backing for the Labour Party. “As bishops, we are not going to suggest people support one particular party,” he said. Ultimately, the Catholic bishops are not being party political. A Catholic would not be expected to vote for a Conservative with liberal views on abortion.

Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor said: “Sometimes people say religion and politics do not mix and they should not mix. Religion is about the love of God and the love of our neighbour. It is clearly the second of those where religion and politics do mix.”

I'm just saying it would be nice to see a little debate in the country. And I like it that the Catholic Church is breaking with the socialist roots it had laid down in the UK.

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