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Word of the Day:


Its a new word meaning blog bigotry and was reportedly coined by dangerousmeta by way of word association in the summer of 2002 (sooo long ago).

According to one of Jonah Goldberg's readers (Bud from Texas) it "refers to the New York Times' attitude toward blogs".

It should go without saying that I am opposed to blogotry in all its forms as I am quite fond of blogs. I even wrote a university term paper on the topic last year (A-). But to be honest the real reason I am posting about the matter is that there are now only two sites which come up when googling blogotry, Jonah predicts there will be thousands in a year, and I figured I would get in on the ground floor on this one.

Thank you to the Corner and the good people at National Review for keeping me up to date as usual. I love that magazine.

In fact, I am trying to become an intern there this summer. Here's hoping.

And speaking of this summer, I bought a one way ticket back to the good old US of A about two hours ago. So come May, I am getting off this godforsaken island.

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