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There is a story in the London Times today about a boy who survived three attempts at abortion and is now a healthy two year old. Odd story in general but the really bizzarre part comes farther along in the text, when a British doctor states:

“This mother went through extreme hardship waiting to see if her baby was going to make it. She was told to expect him to die so many times. I am full of admiration for her.”

Are you kidding me? Admiration isn't the emotion I had in mind. Are people supposed to admire individuals who fail in their attempt to end an innocent life and have to wait to see if the prospective victim lives?

The abortion debate in the US gets pretty heated but at least there is a debate. Here, no one seems to think that there might be something wrong with 3 attempts.

Seems kind of sad and maybe a little deranged to think of it this way but, as a continuation of yesterday's post, the NHS can't even do something like this competently.

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