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The British magazine the Spectator has an interesting cover story this week entitled:

Die in Britain, survive in the US
It asks the question, "Which is better — American or British medical care?" Personally I think the answer is rather obvious...
America of course for the slow witted among you. I have lived in both countries and I have been ill in both countries and the US has an overwhelmingly better system. Full stop. Sure you might have to pay more but on the up side you actually get better.
In the UK (or the god-forsaken island, as I like to call it) if you go to a GP they don't actually examine you. Basically you walk in and the doctor asks you what is wrong (not what your syptoms are, no they want you to tell them what is wrong with you) and then they either give you ridiculous advice and/or write you out a prescription. One of my friends was told to take apirin for toncilitis. She had to fly to the states to have them removed after a prolonged ordeal with doctors here. This is a country that doesn't even have Tylenol and none of their over the counter cold medicines work.
And now the EU has gotten involved and is outlawing certain vitamin and mineral supplements. But that is a rant best saved for another day.
Anyway, the point is that US free market healthcare is better than the socialized mess here in Britain. Sure its not perfect in America, but its definitely the least worst form of healthcare. And I know its an old argument but it is still very valid, without the "high" cost of drugs in the US the pharmacutical companies wouldn't make a return on their investment and thus they would stop innovating new drugs and ultimately people would suffer.
Viva la markets!!
I can't wait to come home.

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