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Now I knew when I moved to England that there were no gun rights here. And while I may think it is morally irresponsible, not to mention a gross violation of civil rights, that most police officers carry no weapons save for their torches, I accept this aspect of life in the UK. But now there are groups pushing to outlaw knives. KNIVES!!

I don't even know how that would work, couldn't people just stab one another with kitchen knives? Or maybe the ultra nanny state will step in and make all food pre-cut?

The so-called logic behind this move is that the number of murders committed using guns has gone down while deaths resulting from knife wounds has risen. Apparently no one sees that if people want to kill other people they will do so. Even if the government somehow manages to take away all the knives (which they can't) murderers will just find another weapon. Like cars or poison. Everything is a potential weapon and human are resourceful creatures so they will always find new and inventive ways to kill each other. No government can stop this from happening, the best they can do is try to limit it and punish people who still break reasonable laws (they might be aided in this endeavor if they themselves were allowed to carry weapons themselves). Surely this madness cannot actually be extended?

I really need to get off this godforsaken island. Now.

Actually I will get a temporary respite in 85 and a half hours when I board a plane to return to the USA. Not that I'm watching the clock or anything.

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