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More on the Ukraine.

Charles Krauthammer has written a really good piece on Europe's reaction to the situation. He points out the inconsistencies in Europe's position on a democratic Ukraine versus their disdain for the notion of spreading democracy to the Middle East.

That is why this comity between America and Europe is only temporary. The Europeans essentially believe, to paraphrase Stalin, in democracy on one continent. As for democracy elsewhere, they really could not care less... Thus Zbigniew Brzezinski, a fierce opponent of the Bush administration's democracy project in Iraq, writes passionately about the importance of democracy in Ukraine and how, by example, it might have a domino effect, spreading democracy to neighboring Russia. Yet when Bush and Blair make a similar argument about the salutary effect of establishing a democracy in the Middle East -- and we might indeed have the first truly free election in the Middle East within two months if we persevere -- ``realist'' critics dismiss it as terminally naive.

But the double standard for behaviour on their own continent versus what is acceptable in the rest of the world is as old as time. After all, how many times has genocide been committed right under our noses since the West declared "never again"?

Go forth and read.

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