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The situation is the Ukraine is intense and I hope that it will be resolved peacefully with Viktor Yushchenko as the winner. I do not wish for such an outcome merely because it would enhance the West's strategic interests, I also believe that a democratically elected government would be best for Ukrainians. Apparently so do a fair number of the protestors who have been camped out in Kiev. Situations like this always bring out some dissident leaders (this is one reason that I occassionally regret living in such a stable country, no chances for a grand, sweeping revolution, change moves so slowly, even with the "conservative" party in complete control of the federal government. Just my youthful romanticism of revolutions, I really am grateful to live in a stable democracy). Anyway, I am sure I had a point when I started this...

Right dissident leaders. I am very impressed with the number of journalists who has decided to stand up to the government owned broadcasting company and refuse to tell their lies, joining in the protests. One of the most poignant stories is that of NATALYA DMITRUK’s silent protest. She is a sign language interpreter for the media and during a broadcast of the evening news in which the anchor announced that Prime Minister Yanukovych had won the election, she diverged from the script without her colleagues becoming aware of what she was doing and, while wearing a ribbon of opposition orange tied around her wrist, she signed:

“I am addressing all the deaf citizens of Ukraine...Our President is Yushchenko. Don’t believe what they say. They are lying...My soul is heavy that I had to repeat these lies...I will not do it again. I don’t know if we’ll see each other again.”

She then walked out of the studio and joined the protests.

I wonder where I can get an orange ribbon...

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