Sunday, March 28, 2004

ok, here i go on my very first post...

it has been an interesting few weeks in the world. terrorist attacks in madrid being an obvious case in point but its the other stories that disturb me the most, the little things that no one ever seems to notice. like the 500 rebels killed in Nepal...the shooting of the Tawainese politicians on the very eve of elections...bombs found buried under the train tracks in France... and i am sure that there is a whole host of other noteworthy incidents that i have nonetheless managed not to take note of and i go out of my way to read at least 3 news sources a day. i guess things just move a bit too quickly to keep up with everything.

but i digress, this is primarily a personal blog, actually its more of a forum for me to rant to my hearts content with no outside in an effort to link the preceding paragraph i will tell you about an incident that occurred this thursday on the tube here in sunny london. i was on my way to class in kensington when my train stopped in a tunnell...trains do this a lot so i didn't think much about it until the driver announced exactly why we had stopped..."there is a signal delay at the south kensington station, a train is stopped at the platform and police have board to search the train"...exactly what everyone wishes to hear in the midst of renewed concern over hte safety of commuting via public transport in major european cities.